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Hafa Adai and Welcome

Municipality of Sinajana, Guam

Junk Removal Program

Sinajana Village News


  • ZUMBA IN SINAJANA! As part of our ongoing "Keep Sinajana Healthy" initiatives, Mayor Robert Hofmann would like to present ZUMBA at the Community Center. Sessions are FREE. Classes from 6:00pm-7:00pm every Tuesday and Thursday. So bring a face towel and be ready to party, get down and feel great!!! Let the music free your body. The ultimate dance-fitness party will groove you into shape! Join us here at the Sinajana Mayor’s Office to get your dance on!   Ms. Natsumi LaSuer, Certified Zumba Instructor.
  • SINAJANA COMMUNITY BINGO:   Carnival Style Bingo.  Every Friday- Doors open at 5:30pm till 10pm. Thank you for your continued support!


  • Senior Citizens/Manåmko’ ages 60 years and above are encouraged to enroll in the senior citizens programs and/or community center participation offered. For more information please contact Recreational Leader II Bonny Duenas at (671) 477-9321.   


  • Residents are asked to adhere to posted speed limits throughout the village and to SLOW DOWN near speed humps, school zones and bus stops.
  • Complaints were received regarding the obstruction of sidewalks and walkways. Residents are asked to clear any obstruction on sidewalks including opened gates, parked vehicles, plants/bushes, canopies, etc. from sidewalks. Obstructing any public easement is unlawful and it furthermore compromises the safety of pedestrians and children utilizing the sidewalks to go to-and-from school. 
  • Residents are kindly asked to help assist our office and keep the sidewalk and storm drain areas in front of their homes clean and free of green waste to prevent flooding.
  • If you have a stray dog in the area and/or are able to capture the dog please contact our office for pick-up. Dog traps available for use. Household dogs MUST be on a leash or face detainment by our office/the dog pound and the owner can face fines for violating the leash laws and other laws of Guam.
  • Residents hosting/holding a yard sale, party, rosary or other events are asked to promptly remove any posted signs as they become eyesores and/or trash when they are removed by strong winds.
  • Pocket Bikes/Mini-Bikes/Scooters and ATV’s are ILLEGAL FOR USE within the confines of the village and are not allowed. For safety reasons, residents are asked to report to our office if they see pocket bikes or mini-bikes in and around Sinajana. Drivers are asked to be cautious. Parents are asked for their cooperation in this matter.
  • Residents are asked to remove any abandoned/junk vehicles are they become eye sores, safety hazards and environmental hazards. Failure to comply will warrant penalties by Guam E.P.A.


Please be aware that our office has designated 4-Way Stops in the following areas:

  • Calle Angel Flores /  Chalan Canton Tutujan / Lemai Court Intersection
  • Calle Angel Flores / A.B. Wonpat / Chalan Guma Yu’us Intersection

All these measures will help in traffic safety for our community.  Remember Safety First, Follow the Laws, Slow Down and Please Drive with Extreme Caution.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Si Yu’us Ma’ase!